My 5th project was the first 3D project we did. We had 10 weeks to do this Project. It was made in native C++ code in our own engine that was made during this project.


My overall responsibility was the Player. I worked with the movement of the player ship and how the camera felt. 
I worked with Quaternions to get a gimble lock free movement, the ship needed to rotate to feel like it was flying so I had to work with getting that right. I also worked with getting the shooting mechanic to work, while it was easy to implement it so that you shot along the forward vector but getting it to shot towards the mouse aiming point was harder and it required a lot of tweaking to make it feel ok. In the early part of the project I experimented with making our projectiles be more like missiles, the problem with this was that we flew so fast that we flew past the projectile and it felt like the projectile came from behind the ship. I tried to offset this by giving it a side force before "ignition" of the projectile, this did not give the wanted behavior and eventually I scraped the idea. I experimented with several different ideas during production, but I never wanted my prototyping to impede our development so if it did not feel right or it did not work as intended. I scraped it.


Towards the deadline for this project I worked with our designers in making the controls feel as good as they possible could. There were many iterations on the values for the movement and the firing, much work was done with getting it to feel good. When the last week came around and it was time to get everything together and ship it, I worked on several systems and fixed several bugs. I believe that we did a good job because that most liked to fly in our game and people liked our game overall. The reviews from the other students was positive and most liked the flying and the feeling in the game.

Hilo Trailer