My 6th project was inspired by Diablo 3.
This game was made in 10 weeks. It was made in native C++ code in our own engine that  saw further development during the project.


My overall responsibility was the enemies in the game and how they interacted with the player. I first made a basic Imp that I could play around with when it came to behaviors, it was also so that we could try loading in an Imp early in the development. Having a Imp in the game early made it easier for both me and my other team members, the model of the Imp could be added early and could be iterated on earlier. I also implemented the health pickup, around the same time as the Imp so that I could play around with drop rates and health values. When we decided that all enemies were to use the same model but different masks and weapons, I was the one that got to parent them to bones on the Imp. The parenting system that was developed was simple and it was only made on the programming side. When I later implemented the other enemies, the ranger and the heavy, I had to think of how I was going to make them feel different from the normal Imp. The ranger was going to shoot at the player so that was different enough but how to make the heavy different? So, I stared to make it slower, just to see if that was enough. It was not, so I added that it hit harder than the normal Imp. Now the heavy just killed the player in a few hits, so I slowed down the attack speed to make it fair. This felt good enough so from there it was only tweaking left on the heavy. Having the responsibility on all enemies and the balancing of them I was starting to be overwhelmed by the amount of work so another in my group took over the behavior and navigation part of the enemies and I could focus on the balancing, animations, parenting and adding particles on them.


As the project was nearing its release date, I was more and more working with our designers with on the correct placement of the masks and weapons, the particles and the timing of the animations. I worked on getting the balancing right with the enemies, it was not a lot of back and forth to get that right and I while I wanted to work more on the behaviors, I was happy that I got that offloaded from my shoulders because I would not have had the time to do both. After the enemies were completed, I moved over to making particles and implementing them. I made all the particle effects for the enemies and I also made them for the pickups and the fire that's on the levels. Being implemented late in the project the iterations were fast and more aimed to being good enough for release. I believe that we succeeded in this and I became a good-looking game and on the reviews be the other students it was also fun.

Spite Trailer